Compliance reporting channels and reporting systems

Reporting channels are one of the central components of the Takko Fashion Compliance Management System. With this reporting channel, we give employees and third parties who have discovered a compliance risk or violation the opportunity to contact us and report the risk or violation. Tips can be submitted publicly or anonymously.

You can report the following compliance risks or violations:

  • illegal activities and forbearances punishable by prosecution or a fine (criminal activity or statute violations);
  • human rights and environmental risks and violations;
  • violations of internal corporate regulations

Please note that tips not relating to compliance cannot be processed. If you have a non-compliance-related tip to submit, please contact our Customer Service.

You can learn more about the processing of tips and the respective procedure here.

Tips concerning potential compliance risks or violations can be submitted via the following reporting channels:

Online reporting system

Tips can be submitted publicly or anonymously. We offer a software-based solution with which reports can be accurately and swiftly submitted by means of preformulated questions. You can access the online reporting system here:


To the reporting system

Compliance Officer

Via post:    

Personal / confidential

Takko Fashion GmbH

Compliance Officer

Alfred-Krupp-Straße 21

48291 Telgte


E-mail: compliance(at)

Telephone: +49 2504 923 100

The reporting channel directly aids in resolving matters and grievances. False accusations and deliberately false tips are thus prohibited.

Additional mechanisms for submitting complaints

Takko Fashion uses international supply chain structures, which is why human rights and environmental grievances cannot be ruled out. The aforementioned reporting channels as well as a complaint submission mechanism are available in order for Takko Fashion to fulfil its human rights due diligence obligations.

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, we provide an additional reporting channel to reporting persons within the supply chains.